Limited 5 year warranty on steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories. Limited 2 year warranty on bearings, clamps, and rubber parts.

Product Specification:
TriActive USA’s MBAR assumes three cross bars (3, 4, and 5 feet off ground on center) and four upright posts utilizing a slip fit tube that’s welded inside the cross bars and drilling holes for 3/8” bolts to secure the cross bars in place. The part will have seven parts in total - 4 uprights and 3 cross bars. TriActive USA Fitness Equipment does not include any of the following: exposed cables, hydraulics or plastic seating. 

Powder Coating Specification:
Powder coating thickness 6-8 mils. Coatings are tested for 1000 hours of salt spray resistance. Pre-treated, iron phosphate applied, zinc powder applied, functional powder applied, and final TGIC powder coat is applied to provide outstanding weathering capabilities. 


Product #:



140”L x 8”W x 48”H
when bars are positioned
in a straight line.


Green & Almond


110 lbs

Actual equipment may look different than shown due to frequent design upgrades. This equipment is designed for individuals weighing up to 330 lbs.


General Assembly Instructions:

Assemble at locations where indicated with supplied hex bolts, washers, plastic security bases, and plastic security caps. It’s recommended to use a thread locking agent. 6 hex bolts, 12 washers, 12 plastic bases and caps, 12 nuts provided.

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