Outdoor Backyard Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Backyard Fitness Equipment

Going to the gym can be a pain; you need to pay for a membership, drive to the gym, and share the space with others. On the flip side, purchasing a full home gym setup with weights can be costly, not to mention the clutter involved in storing all those weights. Installing outdoor fitness equipment for your backyard is that perfect happy medium between the two options.

 TriActive USA specializes in designing outdoor fitness equipment that is weatherproof, durable, and multipurpose. We believe that one of the best ways to promote healthy living is by creating a daily exercise routine. Our goal is to encourage people to increase their heart rate, build muscle, and enjoy being outside. 


Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Your Backyard

TriActive’s equipment is multipurpose. Several of our pieces can be used to focus on different exercises and muscle groups. The core concept of our machines is an emphasis on simplicity. There are no weights, hydraulics or pulleys. Each piece utilizes just your bodyweight and gravity to provide resistance. This minimizes many injuries that are commonly caused by weights. It also helps you focus on technique and form instead of just adding more weight.

Workout Equipment in Your Own Backyard

The basic design ensures that the pieces are durable and remain functional for as long as possible. This minimizes the need for maintenance or upkeep and helps them withstand even the worst weather. TriActive has a wide selection of outdoor fitness equipment perfect for your backyard.  Whether you want to focus on cardio or muscle building, we have the perfect pieces for you.

Popular Backyard Fitness Equipment

When your gym is in your backyard, there are simply no excuses not to work out!



Yes, you do. But don’t worry! Our equipment comes fully assembled, all that is left to do is anchor the equipment in concrete. We have an easy instructional that you can follow which illustrate the steps and tools necessary to get the job done. If you feel such a task would be beyond your abilities, we are more than happy to connect you with a professional installer in your area.
Most definitely! We specialize in outdoor equipment. As such, our machines need to be able to withstand even the roughest of elements. We use non-toxic rust-proof protectants and coatings that are tested for 1000 hours of salt-spray resistance.
Typical shipping fulfillment times are anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks.
Yes, but it depends on the part: 10-year warranty on equipment with non-moving parts such as steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories. 5-year warranty on equipment with moving parts such as steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories. 2- year warranty on bearings, hardware, and rubber parts.
We ship our senior outdoor fitness equipment anywhere in the USA, including both Alaska and Hawaii. We also ship to our Canadian neighbors in the north. Our pieces ship fully assembled with the exception of a few unique units.
We are an American company based out of Los Angeles, California. All of our equipment is designed and manufactured here in The Golden State.


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