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Senior Outdoor Fitness Equipment

It is all too easy for seniors to get stuck in a sedentary lifestyle, particularly those living in an elderly home where they have plenty of options for activities and social opportunities. Doctors agree that human beings need regular exercise to stay healthy and active. This is especially true for people whose health is naturally on the decline.
TriActive USA’s mission is to encourage and empower seniors to take control of their fitness. We aim to do this by installing wheelchair-accessible, senior outdoor fitness equipment at your senior center. Studies show that a daily exercise regimen provides numerous benefits to elderly men and women.
We believe that our equipment will not only help add years onto the lives of your residents but vastly improve the quality of those years as well.

Senior Outdoor Fitness Equipment

TriActive USA’s senior outdoor fitness equipment is ideal for the elderly in that it only utilizes bodyweight and gravity for resistance. There are no weights, pulleys, or other mechanics that can cause injury. The weightless function makes them ideal for senior living homes with limited staff. This allows your residents to safely work out without the constant need for a spotter; and, on the flip side, it grants your seniors the freedom to exercise without feeling as if they are being babysat.

Outdoor Exercising for Seniors

Our cardio pieces are perfect for seniors in that they offer low-impact training. This allows them to train harder and safer than they would be able to by walking or running on the hard ground. Whether your seniors can walk or are in a wheelchair, everyone should have access to workout equipment. We proudly offer the Accessible Multi-Gym, which is a wheelchair accessible unit designed for up to four users to exercise simultaneously. We offer a variety of other bodyweight resistance pieces and playground equipment for senior citizens.

Popular Equipment for Seniors

Time spent exercising in the sun will strengthen their muscles, bones, organs, and facilitate the release of a steady flow of endorphins to their brain. Such regular activity keeps them feeling alive, independent, and confident.


We ship our senior outdoor fitness equipment anywhere in the USA, including both Alaska and Hawaii. We also ship to our Canadian neighbors in the north. Our pieces ship fully assembled with the exception of a few unique units.
Our typical delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks, but naturally, that depends on current demand. Should it take less time, we will notify you of the fact early on in the process.
We will do a site visit depending on the project size and location.
We do not do installation. However, our pieces come assembled and easy to install on just about any surface. Simply mount the machines and then secure them to concrete with anchor bolts. Installation is fast and easy and we’re even willing to help connect you with an installer if the task is too uncomfortable!
Since each piece of playground equipment for senior citizens come fully assembled, all that is required is surface mounting. These pieces can be mounted on concrete, installed footings, or existing slabs. Simply follow our directions by drilling holes and then setting anchor bolts to secure the equipment.


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