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Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Schools

For the last two decades, childhood obesity rates have steadily increased. Today, 18.5% of grade schoolers and 20.6% of middle schoolers and high schoolers are considered to be overweight. Alarming studies such as these highlight the need to address this obesity epidemic in order to ensure that our students can be as healthy and productive as possible.
We believe that there are two main avenues schools can take to help fight this issue— offering a nourishing diet and encouraging regular exercise. TriActive USA focuses on the latter by providing outdoor fitness equipment for schools.
TriActive wants to empower our nation’s students and encourage them to play hard on the playground so they can work even harder in the classroom

Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Schools

TriActive USA specializes in playground equipment meant specifically for youthful activity. Our kids’ outdoor fitness equipment was designed to help young people exercise and have fun while doing so. Popular pieces include: Airstrider, Elliptical cross trainer, Exercise bike, Parallel bars, Horizontal bars, Multi bars, Tai Chi spinners, Air walker & Two-person rotator.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Kids of All Ages

For high schoolers, we have a variety of bodyweight, gravity-resistant machines that can help them learn to add muscle safely and properly. There are no weights or hydraulics, which helps them learn how to build up strength without fear of a needless injury or strain. Common fitness equipment for high schools includes those listed above as well as: Pull up and dip station, Leg press, Seated lat pull, Combo press and pull, Seated chest press, Squat press, Rowing machine, Multi-bench, Sit up bench & Sit up board.

Popular Playground Equipment

Studies show that daily exercise is critical to child development; it stimulates new brain cells, increases blood flow, and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the brain. In addition to weight loss, this results in a variety of benefits including, improved focus, reduced ADHD symptoms, lowered aggression and more.



Our kids outdoor fitness equipment is crafted out of the durable materials. The lack of weights and hydraulics means that there is very little that can break, which means that these pieces are maintenance free. In addition, we offer warranties based on specific parts. That looks like the following: 2-year warranty on bearings, clamps and rubber parts. 5-year warranty on steel posts, welds, bars and metal accessories on equipment with moving parts. 10-year warranty on steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories on all fully welded equipment without moving parts.

Absolutely. Your kid’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. We coat our equipment with the following non-toxic treatments: Powder coating Pre-treated iron phosphate Zinc powder Functional powder TGIC powder for weatherproofing


The multi-gym was designed for kids in wheelchairs. It comes with wheelchair accessible stations and four separate stations. In addition, there are several other fitness machines that can be used by anyone, including those with special needs.

Each piece of equipment will take roughly 6-8 weeks to ship to you. Once shipped, the equipment comes fully assembled. All that is left to do is anchor the equipment to a sturdy surface using provided bolts. Do not worry, installation is easy and only requires minimal tools. We provide you with a simple instruction manual for installation. Your janitorial or work crews should have no problem getting them installed.



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