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Outdoor Military Equipment Built to Last

Throughout a soldier’s tenure in the military, they will be expected to maintain a regular soldierly fitness regimen. Staying in shape keeps them fit, prepares them for the rigors of the field, and ensures they will be ready to act when the bullets start flying. TriActive USA’s outdoor fitness equipment brings to mind the good ol’ days of boot camp, which focused on outdoor exercise, muscle confusion, and bodyweight resistance
Most troops would mock the luxury of an Equinox gym/spa. All they need is a piece of metal welded to the ground— simple, effective, spartan.

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TriActive Boot Camp

TriActive equipment follows the model of the 3 phases of martial routine: Warm-up, Main Workout & Cool-down.
We have a wide selection of sports equipment ideal for soldiers looking to maintain their fitness, including both cardio and strength training. These simple machines do not use weights, springs, or hydraulics; instead, they utilize body weight and gravity. This prevents unnecessary injuries and strains caused by pushing too hard, ensuring that your soldiers remain combat ready at all times.

Outdoor Equipment for Military Workouts

Our machinery can be broken down into two categories.  Cardio – Outdoor machinery perfect for the warm-up and cool-down sections of the workout.  Bodyweight resistance – Our equipment that relies on the use of resistance to build strength.


Popular Military Equipment

Our outdoor equipment is multipurpose, built to last, and created to challenge our soldiers to push past their limits and then some. Whether it be our squat press or elliptical, we have the tools to help them grow faster, stronger, and harder.
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We want to ensure that our equipment only uses the highest-grade material. To that end, every single piece of our fitness equipment is designed and manufactured in California. We not only support our troops but American workers and American manufacturing as well. We too are patriots, proud to display the made in the USA seal on all of our equipment.
Our products are initially welded with heavy gauge steel pipes and are then zinc primered and powder coated for weatherproofing and rust protection. Whether rain, snow, or sun, our machines are built to last. To ensure their durability, we have a warranty that goes as follows: A limited 10-year warranty on steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories on all fully welded equipment with no moving parts. A limited 5-year warranty on steel posts, welds, bars and metal accessories on all equipment with moving parts. A limited 2-year warranty on bearings, clamps and rubber parts
We do not do installation. However, our pieces come assembled and easy to install on just about any surface. Simply mount the machines and then secure them to concrete with anchor bolts. Installation is fast and easy and we’re even willing to help connect you with an installer if the task is too uncomfortable!
We know how important customer service is to our clients. Our staff is on call, ready to assist you throughout the duration of the sales process. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.