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Prison and Correctional Fitness Equipment

Today, our prison system is seeing a shift in focus towards rehabilitation – producing men and women who learn from their mistakes, repay their dues to society, and emerge on the other side as better citizens. If that is your goal, then it is important that you provide inmates with the tools they need to improve as people, whether mentally or physically.

Being cooped up in a cell all day can drive even the sanest of people crazy. Research, however, proves that regular exercise results in the following benefits to prisoner behavior, increased focus, improved moods and decreased aggression.

The ability to blow off steam, set goals, and stay fit help reduce hostility and creates a prison population that is focused on self-improvement. TriActive USA understands that corrections professionals are always looking for cost-effective ways to hone their operations and reduce recidivism.

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Correctional Facility Equipment

TriActive USA has created correctional facility equipment which allows for biomechanically correct workouts that utilize a person’s body weight and the force of gravity. The lack of weights, springs or hydraulics lowers the odds of developing an exercise-related injury. In addition, it allows inmates to maintain fitness levels without becoming too strong.TriActive USA’s product line offers a variety of different exercises depending on the intended muscle group. At the end of the day, providing exercise equipment creates a positive impact on an inmate’s welfare and reduces the medical costs that are typically associated with incarceration.

Prison Gym Equipment

Although we have a host of correctional facility equipment, the ones that are most commonly used include: Back extension, Comb press and pull, Exercise bike, Air strider, Parallel bars, Pull up and dip station, Seated chest press, Seated lat pull, Sit-up bench and board & Squat press.

Popular Prison Equipment

We create prison gym equipment that is safe and effective. Our pieces are extremely vandal resistant so that nothing installed can be turned into a weapon.
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We understand the hesitancy of installing something that could be used as a weapon. Rest assured, our prison gym equipment is safe, secure, and cannot be meddled with. Whenever we sell to corrections or behavioral healthcare facilities, we add security enhancements to our pieces. This involves constructing our equipment with non-removable, breakaway, tamper-resistant hardware.

They are indeed. Our heavy gauge steel pipes are powder coated and zinc primered in order to protect them from rain, rust, or any other elements. Our exercise equipment is built to last

TriActive USA is a California based operation that focuses on manufacturing outdoor exercise equipment for correctional facilities, behavioral healthcare facilities, members of the armed forces, parks, schools, or senior living centers. All of our equipment is made in the USA with only the finest of materials. We believe that everyone should have access to exercise equipment, regardless of their past.

Yes, but it depends on the part: 10-year warranty on equipment with non-moving parts such as steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories. 5-year warranty on equipment with moving parts such as steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories. 2- year warranty on bearings, hardware, and rubber parts.

We do not do installation. However, our pieces come assembled and easy to install on just about any surface. Simply mount the machines and then secure them to concrete with anchor bolts. Installation is fast and easy and we’re even willing to help connect you with an installer if the task is too uncomfortable!