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If you want a productive community, you must first focus on encouraging smart decision making. What we’re talking about is advocating healthy practices and routines, and one of the best ways to promote a healthy lifestyle is incorporating outdoor fitness equipment into local parks. This provides public access to park exercise equipment without any of the fees associated with a gym. 

TriActive Park Gym Equipment

TriActive offers a wide selection of park gym equipment perfect for both children and adults. These machines are not only meant to promote strength building but to also nurture a lifelong habit of staying physically active. All of our equipment utilizes the power of body weight and gravity. There are no weights, hydraulics or springs.

Exercising at the Park

By focusing solely on creating machines that utilize body weight, we eliminate many of the normal causes of injury. On top of this, the simplicity of the design means that our fitness equipment is durable and will remain a lasting feature of your park. We want everyone in the local community to see the park as their new outdoor gym.

Popular Park Equipment

TriActive’s mission is to ensure that everyone, no matter their age, race, or tax bracket can freely enjoy the benefits of exercise; and we believe that the ideal location for our equipment is in your community's parks. 

Air Walker

Two Person Rotator


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TriActive has been great to deal with. The city has outdoor equipment located in one of our parks and along our trail which has been a great addition since 2014. The various pieces of workout equipment is frequently used by many of our residents with lots of positive feedback. The equipment has been durable and has held up well from wear and weather. TriActive has been very accessible, efficient and supportive.

Hayden, City of Port Coquitlam

I’ve been a customer for approximately four years, and I am absolutely satisfied with the excellent products and customer service from TriActive USA! I’ve purchased various different pieces of exercise equipment from them, which are a perfect fit for a correctional setting. Their products have lasted through years of constant use with no issues. The TriActive USA team members respond quickly and do everything possible to ensure that their customers are entirely satisfied with their products. I would highly recommend TriActive USA Fitness Equipment for your institution.

Sabrina & GEO Group

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Do you have wheelchair accessible equipment?

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One of our pieces, the multi-gym, was designed specifically for people with handicaps in mind. This wheelchair accessible piece has permanently attached stations including the shoulder wheel, hand and foot bike, shoulder press and the rotator. Our parallel bars, multi bench, and seated chest press are also great tools for anyone in a wheelchair.

Where is the equipment made?

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Our park gym equipment is both designed and manufactured in California. We are happy to support American workers and manufacturers. On top of that, we wanted to ensure that we were using only the very highest quality material.

How does installation work?

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TriActive USA’s park exercise equipment is easy to install on any existing surface. First, the equipment is all assembled and tested for quality. From there, it is shipped out to you. We do not perform the installation. Do not worry though, it's simple! The equipment can be surface mounted and then secured to concrete with anchor bolts. Ideally, this will be done by city maintenance or construction crews, but we've worked with plenty of volunteers to get the gear installed on their own.

Is the equipment weatherproof?

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Of course! We make outdoor products that will continue to look good and function optimally years from now. Our equipment is first welded with heavy gauge steel pipes. It is then zinc primed and powder coated for weatherproofing. All of our products are rust protected and can be used in every season, regardless of the weather.

Do you provide a warranty?

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Yes, but it depends on the part: 10-year warranty on equipment with non-moving parts such as steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories. 5-year warranty on equipment with moving parts such as steel posts, welds, bars, and metal accessories. 2- year warranty on bearings, hardware, and rubber parts.


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