Outdoor Gym Equipment

Choosing the Right Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Your Facility

Staying fit physically is one of the best things you can do for your well-being. Regular exercise can help you build strength and mobility, maintain a healthy weight and improve your mental health.


Outdoor fitness equipment can help you provide a simple solution for people at your facility who want to stay fit. With an outdoor gym, people don’t have to worry about committing to long-term gym memberships or struggling to make it to the gym on time after work. If you’re considering investing in outdoor fitness equipment, here’s how you can find the right equipment for your facility.

Lower-Body Workouts


Lower-body workouts are great because they help you build a solid foundation, which makes simple activities like climbing stairs and standing for long periods of time. We have several pieces of outdoor fitness equipment that can help you focus on your lower body.


Squats are a great way to work your quads and glutes, and our outdoor squat press makes it easy to get a great workout without weights. Using progressive resistance, the Squat Press offers more resistance as you extend further, so you can customize your workout to your body. You can also use the Squat Press for other workouts, including bicep curls and shoulder shrugs.


Our leg press machine uses some of your body weight as resistance, which can help you strengthen several leg muscles. The Leg Extension is a good option if you want to focus solely on your quads.

Upper-Body Workouts

Upper-body workouts are a big focus for a lot of people because they make a visible difference. Working out your upper body can also make it easier to turn wrenches and lift heavy objects, so it can even be helpful at work depending on what you do.


Our Multi-Gym gives you several workout stations in a single machine, so you can provide everything for a full-body workout while saving a little space. The Multi-Gym is wheelchair accessible, and it includes a shoulder wheel, a hand and foot bike, a shoulder press, and a rotator that helps you work on coordination.


The Combo Press & Pull machine has a seated lat pull station on one side and a seated chest press station on the other. These stations can be used at the same time, which helps you save even more space at your facility.


Add a rowing machine so people can get a full-body workout in one machine — ours uses your body weight for resistance. You can even get a cardio workout while you’re working on several core muscle groups.


Our Pull Up & Dip station is a nice way to round out your upper body outdoor fitness equipment, but you can also go with horizontal bars, parallel bars or a wall-mounted dip bar.


Lifting weights is great, but it’s also important to get some cardio in. Cardio is a key part of maintaining a healthy weight and strengthening the heart. On average, people should get a minimum of about 150 minutes of moderate cardio on a weekly basis. Luckily, you have several choices when it comes to outdoor fitness equipment.


Elliptical machines are a good way to get a cardio workout without putting too much stress on your joints. Since you’re still supporting your body weight while you run, you get a lower-body workout in addition to cardio.


Exercise bikes are a nice choice for people who want a little more relaxed form of cardio. It’s easy to scroll through your phone or have a conversation while riding an exercise bike. These bikes are also a great way to warm up for your workout without tiring yourself out.


The Air Strider is like an elliptical, but it’s even easier on your joint. This no-impact cardio machine mimics a cross-country skiing motion to give you an excellent cardio workout without joint pain.


Our Air Walker is another no-impact cardio machine that also helps improve mobility. The striding motion helps improve hip flexibility, which can help with a lot of other workouts.


Plyometrics are a unique set of workouts that help you change the way your muscles work in addition to strengthening them. You can mix up your routine to target different muscles and improve in different areas, which means everyone can customize plyometric exercises to work with their routine.


Our Plyo Boxes are a simple way to give people a spot to do plyos a few times a week. You can purchase individual boxes in three different heights. It’s best to purchase the whole set, that way you can accommodate beginners and people who use lower boxes for certain workouts. Your plyo boxes should always be heavy enough that they’re stable when someone jumps on them.

Bodyweight Exercises


Bodyweight exercises combine the benefits of cardio and strength training, and they’re also some of the simplest exercises you can do.


Our Multi-Bench works for all sorts of bodyweight exercises, including elevated pushups and dips. With different spots to place your feet, you can get varied resistance for a better workout.


Tri-Level Horizontal Bars can be used for simple pull-ups and flexed-arm hangs, but they’re also perfect for gymnastics exercises. With three bars at different heights, these bars accommodate a wide range of people.


Last but not least, make sure you have a sit-up bench. A simple bench gives people a clean place to lie down and do sit-ups, crunches or whatever they want to do to work their core.

Find the Outdoor Fitness Equipment You Need

Adding outdoor fitness equipment to your facility makes it easier for people to get and stay physically fit. With the right setup, everyone can get a full-body workout that includes cardio. You can even set up multiple stations so nobody has to wait.


TriActiveUSA is committed to creating outdoor fitness equipment that helps entire facilities stay physically fit. Our workout stations are weather-resistant and designed for outdoor use, with a thick powder coating that stands up toe just about anything. If you want to build a complete outdoor gym for a full-body workout, check out the outdoor equipment at TriActiveUSA.