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Improving Senior Living: Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Elderly Homes

There are a lot of obstacles for people living in elderly homes, from medical care to diet and exercise. Exercising can be tough for people in elderly homes, especially if the facility doesn’t provide an easy way to exercise.

Outdoor fitness equipment is one popular way to keep residents at elderly homes fit and active. You can create an on-site outdoor gym where residents can enjoy the weather and stay active without leaving home. Find out more about outdoor fitness equipment for and how it can help people living in elderly homes live better lives.

What Is Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

Standard gym equipment is designed for indoor use, which means it rusts and corrodes when you leave it out in harsh weather. Outdoor fitness equipment is powder-coated to stand up to constant exposure to the rain, wind, and sun. You can even choose between different types of equipment — including cardio equipment, bench presses, and pull-up bars — to create a full-circuit workout.

Because outdoor fitness equipment can survive harsh weather, it’s perfect for building an outdoor gym. Setting up an outdoor gym at your facility gives people an easy way to work out without investing in expensive equipment or gym memberships. For residents in elderly homes, this makes it easier to stay active.

Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Equipment in Elderly Homes

There are several benefits of setting up an outdoor gym in your elderly home, including everything from weight management to mental health.

Weight Management

Exercising regularly is a key part of maintaining a healthy weight, which is an important part of your overall health. Unfortunately, a lot of people in senior living facilities don’t get enough exercise because there aren’t enough activities offered. Ideally, seniors should get about 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.

Installing an outdoor gym makes it easy for seniors to stay active. A recumbent bike provides a low-stress cardio option, and there are several types of strength training equipment to choose from. You can set up a gym that has equipment for all residents, so everyone can get their daily exercise.

Strength and Endurance

Strength and endurance make daily tasks easier, from walking moderate distances to lifting objects. Outdoor fitness equipment gives residents of your senior living facility a chance to build strength and endurance. We offer several types of strength training equipment to provide a targeted workout. You can also choose between recumbent bikes, ellipticals, and other types of cardio machines.

Since TriActive USA equipment uses resistance instead of free weights, our strength training equipment is safer for your residents.

Disease Prevention

Exercising can help lower your risk of several diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. For people who are at higher risk for these diseases, regular exercise is crucial. Adults should be exercising for about 150 minutes a week in addition to moderate strength training exercises. Seniors should be getting about the same amount of exercise if they’re healthy enough.

Senior living facilities are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for residents, and an outdoor gym is a great way to do that. Offering convenient and low-stress workouts for residents helps them avoid diseases that can seriously affect quality of life.


From small children to residents in senior living facilities, everyone needs to socialize from time to time. Socializing can be difficult for seniors — especially when they’re living in an elderly home. An outdoor gym is a spot where residents can go to exercise, but they’ll also get a chance to socialize with each other. During their visit to the gym, residents can give each other tips, chat about current events, and learn more about each other.

Socialization plays a key role in the mental health of seniors. Socializing can improve mental health and provide mood-boosting effects, so giving residents a place to socialize is a must.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Nobody wants to spend an entire day cooped up inside, and they don’t have to when you provide an outdoor gym. Outdoor fitness equipment gives seniors a chance to spend some time outside where they can enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D, which helps you regulate your mood. Fresh air can also help boost your mood, in addition to providing several other health benefits.

If you manage a senior living facility, you need to give residents opportunities to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. An outdoor gym is a great way to help seniors spend more time outside.


It can be hard to stay in shape as a senior, which can make it difficult for elderly home residents to feel confident. Adding an outdoor gym to your senior living facility provides an easy way for seniors to exercise and stay in shape. Even providing simple cardio equipment can help seniors look and feel their best.

Mental Health

Mental health can be one of the biggest challenges for residents in senior homes. Adding an outdoor gym gives residents a chance to socialize, enjoy the weather, and boost endorphins with exercise. You can even host classes and special workout days to give everyone an opportunity to socialize and pick up some tips.


A lack of sleep is associated with countless health problems. If you’re not exercising enough, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep when you lie down at night. This can be especially problematic for residents in senior living facilities. Working out a few times a week can help seniors get better sleep, which helps with mental acuity, mood, and overall health.

Keep in mind that there are several factors that affect sleep. It’s also important to create a sleep-friendly environment that makes it easy for residents to wind down at the end of each day.

Tips for Creating Outdoor Gyms in Elderly Homes

Setting up an outdoor gym is fairly simple, but there are a few dos and don’ts. If you’re adding an outdoor gym to your senior living facility, keep some of these tips in mind:

  • Foundation: Start with a solid foundation of compacted gravel or concrete. You want a strong foundation that keeps equipment stable and stands the test of time.
  • Equipment: Think about who you’re designing your gym for and choose equipment accordingly. For a senior living facility, you may want to focus on cardio equipment.
  • Security: To create a secure outdoor gym, install a fence and add lighting. You can also add cameras if you’re worried about unwanted visitors.
  • Consider multiples: Depending on how many residents your elderly home has, you may want to buy multiples of the same equipment so nobody has to wait around to exercise.
  • Maintenance: Outdoor fitness equipment is designed to stand up to harsh weather, but it still requires maintenance. Keep equipment clean and avoid scratching or nicking the powder coating.

Upgrade Your Senior Living Facility with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

If you want to create a better environment for residents in your senior living facility, outdoor fitness equipment can help. An outdoor gym helps elderly home residents get and stay fit, and it can also help with mental health and sleep.

Are you thinking about upgrading your elderly home with outdoor fitness equipment? TriActive USA offers a wide selection of outdoor fitness equipment, from rowing machines and plyo boxes to wheelchair-accessible press and pull machines. Made from durable steel with a powder coating, our equipment is perfect for outdoor use. Check out the selection of outdoor fitness equipment from TriActive USA and start building your outdoor gym today.

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